IFC’s Annual Global Private Equity Conference in association with EMPEA

Join us for the 19th Annual Global Private Equity Conference on 16-17 May 2017 at the Ritz-Carlton in Washington, DC during EM PE Week in DC. Over 800 professionals, including 300 LPs, from more than 60 countries joined us at emerging markets private equity’s flagship event.

I come here to travel the growth markets in two days. Where else can you do that?
Thomas FrancoClayton, Dubilier & Rice
This is the conference you have to attend. In one fell swoop you meet with as many LPs as you could from all over the world. It saves me a lot of time.
Nazeem MartinBusiness Partners
There is a need for more of this type of conference.
John AuthersFinancial Times


Once the gathering of a handful of industry pioneers, the Global Private Equity Conference was founded out of the need for a forum where the data could be analyzed, lessons learned could be shared and ideas could be openly debated. Now in its 18th year, the conference still maintains the same objectives of its early days and has earned the reputation of the place where industry players from around the globe engage in thought-provoking discussions, debates and analyses.