Day 1 – Tuesday, 14 May

7:00-8:15 (Foyer) | Registration & Breakfast

7:15-8:15 (Salon III) | Spotlight Conversation/Roundtable

8:25-8:30 (Salon I-II) | Opening Remarks & Welcome 8:30-8:55 (Salon I-II) | Opening Keynote
  • Gillian Tett, US Managing Director, The Financial Times
8:55-9:20 (Salon I-II) | Keynote Interview: Global Capital Currents: How Will Political Change, Trade Tensions and Uncertainty Affect the EM Opportunity Set? 9:20-10:05 (Salon I-II) | Plenary Panel – Global Private Equity Leaders on Technology’s Transformative Effect: What Are the New Realities?
  • The new business landscape: how are investors adapting to the digital revolution and changing competitive dynamics?
  • How can investors capitalize on innovation and create businesses that achieve scale?
  • What presents the biggest opportunities? Challenges to overcome?
  • What themes will define the investment landscape of the future?
10:05-10:25 (Salon I-II) | Keynote Conversation 10:25-11:05 (Salon I-II) | Innovative Financing Models and Private Capital’s Role in Unlocking Returns, Growth and Impact
  • What new approaches are DFIs and institutional investors taking to support economic transformation in emerging and frontier markets?
  • Looking beyond traditional funds, how can investors best access EM opportunities?
  • Blended Finance
11:05-11:25 (Foyer) | Networking & Refreshments Break 11:00 (Plaza Ballroom) | Networking Lounge Opens 11:25-11:30 (Salon I-II) | Spotlight on Tech-Enabled Business/Technology Ecosystems/Innovative Financing Models: 11:30-12:05 (Salon I-II) | Plenary Panel – Preparing for the Economy of the Future
  • How does infrastructure innovation enable innovation in other sectors of the economy?
  • What characteristics must an investment institution of the future process, and how is technology changing the work of investment institutions?
12:05-12:55 (Salon I-II) | Keynote Discussion: How Can the Investment Community Support a More Sustainable and Inclusive Future?
  • Modern investment professionals are often maligned as short-termists with little regard for their impact on society. Can a different model prevail? Will it?
  • What tools can investors active in emerging and frontier economies use to create better outcomes for investee companies and local communities?
12:25-13:25 (Foyer) | Networking Lunch 12:25-13:25 (Salon III) | Brazil Lunch 13:30-14:00 (Salon I-II) | Oxford Style Debate:  Are We in the Midst of a Technology Bubbles? 14:00-14:45 (Salon I-II) | Breakout Session – New Approaches to Long-term Investing in Africa 14:00-14:45 (Salon III) | Breakout Session – Investing Across Borders in ASEAN 14:50-15:35 (Salon I-II) | Breakout Session – Central & Eastern Europe 14:50-15:35 (Salon III) | Breakout Session – China: Navigating a Market Awash in Capital 15:35-16:00 (Foyer) | Networking & Refreshments Break 16:00-16:45 (Salon I-II) | Breakout Session – India: A Reset Moment

16:00-16:45 (Salon III) | Breakout Session – Latin America

16:45-17:10 (Salon I-II) | Keynote Discussion:  Innovations and Technologies to Fund the SDGs New technologies and financing mechanisms can help close funding gaps and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 17:10-17:15 (Salon I-II) | Spotlight on Tech-Enabled Business/Technology Ecosystems/Innovative Financing Models 17:15-18:00 (Salon I-II) | Closing Keynote Panel – LP Perspectives: What Drives Allocations? 18:00 (Salon I-II) | Closing Remarks 18:30-22:00 | Joint IFC and EMPEA Reception  

Day 2 – Wednesday, 15 May

7:30-8:30 (Foyer) | Registration & Breakfast 7:30-8:25 (Plaza Ballroom) | LP-Only Breakfast (Invitation Only) 8:30-8:35 (Salon I-II) | Opening Remarks & Welcome 8:35-9:00 (Salon I-II) | Opening Keynote Address 9:00-9:40 (Salon I-II) | Plenary Panel: Venture Capital in Emerging Markets – What Does the Future Hold? 9:45-10:10 | Keynote Address 10:10-10:55 (Salon I-II) | Plenary Panel: The Rise of Specialists
  • Both in strategy (credit, infrastructure) and in sector (healthcare, technology), GPs are increasingly specializing and LPs are increasingly seeking this out. Why is this?
  • What does this mean for the generalist fund managers? How is this trend shaping the PE landscape in different regions?
  • How does it compare with what’s happening in developed markets and is emerging markets private capital ready?
10:55-11:25 (Foyer) | Networking & Refreshments Break 11:00 (Plaza Ballroom) | Networking Lounge Opens 11:00-11:25 (Salon I-II) | Cambridge Associates Date Presentation – State of the Private Equity Industry 11:25-12:10 (Salon I-II) | Plenary Panel – What are the Most Viable Exit Strategies? 12:10-12:55 (Salon I-II) | Breakout Session – The Evolution of Private Credit in Emerging Markets 12:10-12:55 (Salon IIIA) | Breakout Session – Fund and Co-Investment Terms and Conditions 12:10-12:55 (Salon IIIB) | Breakout Session – Corporate Governance: Lessons Learned from EMPEA’s ESG Community 12:55-13:55 (Foyer) | Networking Luncheon 13:55-14:40 (Salon I-II) | Breakout Session – Best Business Practices in Fund Administration and Management 13:55-14:40 (Salon IIIA) | Breakout Session – The Finer Points of Deal  Structuring 13:55-14:40 (Salon IIIB) | Breakout Session – Secondaries 14:40-15:25 (Salon I-II) | Breakout Session – Opportunities and Challenges in the Middle Market 14:40-15:25 (Salon IIIA) | Breakout Session – Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on EMs 14:40-15:25 (Salon IIIB) | Breakout Session – Mainstreaming Impact Investing: Building on Current Momentum 15:25-15:55 (Foyer) | Networking & Refreshments Break 15:55-16:25 (Salon I-II) | Spotlight on Tech-Enabled Business/Technology Ecosystems/Innovative Financing Models 16:25-16:30 (Salon I-II) | Keynote Address 16:30-17:00 (Salon I-II) | Oxford Style Debate – Fund structure: Does the 10 year fund structure make sense in EMs or do we need even more patient capital? 17:00 (Salon I-II) | Closing Remarks 17:00-18:00 (Foyer) | Cocktail Reception