8th Annual Institutional Investors-Only Summit

Rapid growth in emerging markets continues to attract investors. Against a backdrop of reduced performance of traditional investments, many investors seek the higher returns available in emerging markets, but face challenges determining where, how, and with whom to invest. Investors’ observations regarding emerging markets private equity are: (i) Returns outperform both developed market private equity and emerging market listed stocks, while exhibiting low correlation with developed market private equity funds; (ii) Diversification enables an attractive risk-return profile; (iii) Risks are lower than conventional wisdom suggests and can be managed with sufficient resources and commitment. With this, we hope you will join us for the following series of events to learn more about investing in the asset class today and to commemorate this milestone event. The Institutional Investors-Only Summit will examine the role and relevance of emerging markets private equity in strategic asset allocations. We will discuss the returns potential and comparative past-performance results between emerging and developed markets, among others. Qualified institutional investors* only. *Qualified Institutional Investor firms are limited partners in private equity funds, and do not manage third-party capital or collect fees for advisory/consulting services. Pre-Qualified Institutional Investors eligible for these complimentary passes may include pension funds, SWFs, foundations, endowments and family offices. All complimentary registrations are subject to approval, so please do not make any travel arrangements until you have received confirmation of your complimentary registration for the event. Qualified Institutional Investors receive complimentary passes to attend all of the sessions during EM PE week. To register, please click here