Coenraad Vrolijk

Regional CEO, Allianz

Coenraad Vrolijk is Regional CEO for Allianz in Africa since January 2017 and Allianz Africa Executive Committee member. At Allianz, he was previously senior advisor to the Board of Management of Allianz SE regarding Africa topics.

Coenraad’s career includes 14 years of experience at McKinsey & Company, focusing on insurance in Europe, after which in 2011 he joined the asset management firm BlackRock as Managing Director, to build the Financial Markets Advisory team for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. 

Just before joining Allianz, Coenraad had his first experience in emerging market insurance as CEO at Rosewood Insurance Group. Under his leadership, Rosewood developed insurance businesses in countries like Pakistan, Rwanda, and Nigeria. 

Coenraad studied at Brown, completing a Ph.D. and a Master’s in Economics. He also holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Bath, the UK, in Economics with Computing and Statistics. He is currently a supervisory board member for Africa Reinsurance Corporation (Africa Re), BIMA (MILVIK), the International Baccalaureate Organization as well as multiple subsidiaries of Allianz in Africa.