Diego López

Managing Director, Global SWF

Diego López is the Managing Director of Global SWF and an independent consultant for the World Bank and the United Nations, among others. He is a global expert in Sovereign Wealth Funds and other institutional investors, with over 13 years of advisory work experience in the world’s main financial markets, including Europe, the Middle East, China, Brazil, and the USA.

Prior to founding Global SWF, he spent five years building up PwC’s footprint in the SWF industry as the Director and COO of the global practice, based in Abu Dhabi and New York. Prior to joining PwC, he worked for 5 years in KPMG and for 2 years in Accuracy, focusing on due diligence, valuations and M&A. He started his career trading derivatives with Santander.

Diego completed his Bachelors in Economics in the Universities of Madrid and Milan and earned his Master’s in Finance from the London School of Economics (LSE). He is an affiliate of Tufts University’s SovereigNet and a frequent writer for leading publications on SWF matters.