Greg Durst

Managing Director of Corporate Development for ILPA

As Managing Director of Corporate Development for ILPA, Greg Durst is responsible for the interactions with the non-LP members of our community, including service providers and General Partners. He manages the relationships for ILPA’s sponsors, as well as guiding sponsors and other service providers in their interactions with ILPA around content development, event participation and other member engagement opportunities. With GPs, Mr. Durst is leading our outreach on key initiatives around industry standards like the ILPA Fee & Expense Reporting Template, as well as other industry issues for all players in the PE ecosystem.

Prior to joining the ILPA, Mr. Durst was the founding COO and Head of Business Development for a hedge fund manager in New York. Mr. Durst has broad experience in private equity as a GP, and as a service provider and financier to leading players in the industry. In addition to his work in private equity and other top tier professional services firms, Mr. Durst has lived and worked in North America, Europe and Southern Africa and has extensive experience working in South Asia.

Mr. Durst has an undergraduate degree in Finance from Georgetown University and a Masters in Business Administration from the Harvard Business School.