Walter van Helvoirt

Environmental & Social Officer, FMO

Walter van Helvoirt has spent the last 9 years of his 20-year operational track record with FMO’s Private Equity department. FMO has invested in some 150 PE Funds worldwide and has a sizeable portfolio of direct (co-) investments totaling USD 3bln of committed capital. FMO’s PE portfolio has grown rapidly during recent years, notably in Africa. Walter is a core member of the deal teams and works closely with investment professionals on new and existing transactions. In close cooperation, they support partners to build sustainable businesses that make good, long-term returns in every aspect. By supporting GPs in enhancing their ESG – beyond E&S – performance, FMO provides additional value to the PE space in Emerging Markets. Besides direct work for the FMO PE portfolio, Walter is a member of EMPEA’s ESG Steering Committee and co-leads EMPEA’s ESG Community’s Governance Working Group where he works closely with PRI and other international organizations, pushing ESG further into the core of the investment arena.

Before his current role, Walter worked for 12 years in Human Resources Management, acting as an Adviser to the Board on HRM and organizational change, for several medium and larger companies (>8000 employees) in The Netherlands. Walter has a MSc degree in Human Resources Management.